2018–2019 Recipients

Darrius Atkins
University of Chicago Law School, Class of 2019
After law school, I would like to get involved in public interest work, namely civil rights litigation and child advocacy work. I would like to use my legal education to help create a fairer, more equitable administration of justice. Whether it’s from the pro bono office of a law firm, a government agency, or nonprofit organization-- I plan to use the tools law school has afforded me to defend and expand the protection of the maxim equal justice under law. 

Brad Bilyeu
Saint Louis University School of Law, Class of 2020
The study of law and the process of becoming an attorney is the realization of a life-long dream. When I become an attorney, it is my goal to work in the public interest area of law, specifically municipal court reform. I was born and raised in Saint Louis and love the city and region, but there is a fragmentation of civic institutions that end up burdening the rights of citizens and wasting resources. The Missouri Supreme Court has made progress in the past few years in this regard, but there is still a long way to go. I want to help the Saint Louis region live up to its enormous potential, and I believe that as an attorney I can work from within the system to help bring about much needed reforms to make our region a more dynamic, just, and equitable place to live. I am so grateful for the Walker Scholarship fund for believing in me and helping me further my legal education. 

Jeffrey W. Crabtree
St. Louis University School of Law, Class of 2019
Associated with Lodge 567; West Frankfort, Ill.
Pursuing a law degree has been a goal of mine for many years. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend law school and pursue my goals. Law school has exposed me to many areas of the law where I have an interest in practicing. However, my primary goal after law school is to pursue a career in employment law. I hope to be a strong advocate for worker rights and influence policies that encourage fairness in the workplace.

Richard Daniels
Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2020
Men In Brotherhood Lodge #1178
Upon graduating and becoming licensed, I plan on using my law degree to help those in need through litigation. As a member of Moot Court at Loyola, I have gained valuable advocacy training and will be able to continue to refine my skills thanks to the Walker Scholarship. My goal is to be able to stand up in a courtroom and fight on behalf of those who are disadvantaged, regardless of what area of the law I ultimately end up in. 

Kevin Dillon
Saint Louis University School of Law, Class of 2022
Member of Central Lodge No. 1
Kevin is a student at Saint Louis University School of Law with a great desire to explore practice areas including Intellectual Property, Business and Corporate law as well as Sports and Entertainment law through classes and experiential learning opportunities. After graduation, Kevin intends to combine his professional background in engineering with law to practice Intellectual Property with an emphasis on patent litigation and prosecution. Additionally, Kevin plans to serve as a community advocate for underserved youth in the realm of helping them engineer innovative products and protect those products through obtaining patents.

Connor Doughty
University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2021
As I spend the next few years getting my Juris Doctorate, I plan to find my calling in one of the many areas of law. I have an interest in corporate law, but I also have a passion for public service. I would like to pursue opportunities to make a difference in under-served communities, and I would cherish the chance to work with immigrants and refugees, especially children. That may mean working directly with those in-need, working for a non-profit, or working through the firm’s pro bono office. Whatever field I end up in, I’m incredibly excited to use the skills I learn in law school to make as large of a positive impact as I can make in the world.

Alyssa Harms
John Marshall Law School, Class of 2021
After completing law school, I hope to use my degree to give back to my community. I’m interested in family law, however, I’m also interested in working for a governmental agency, whether that be at the city or state level. Some of my passions include: domestic violence awareness, advocating on behalf of women and children, and supporting equal access to resources and education. At this point in my law school career I’m keeping an open mind about future career possibilities. What’s so interesting and exciting about the law is the fact that there are so many opportunities for law students! 

Faith Harris
John Marshall Law School, Class of 2019
After I receive my Juris Doctorate, I will also obtain an LLM in Intellectual Property Law from The John Marshall Law School. I will pursue a career in Entertainment Law in California. I would like to pursue opportunities in music, film, and/or television. In addition, I am interested in entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. As an IP attorney, I plan to negotiate, draft and review contracts, and copyright and/or patent my clients’ creative works. My goal is to provide outstanding legal counsel that will protect their brands, trademarks, and licensing opportunities to sustain their legacies.

Misty Oka
Northwestern University Law School, Class of 2021
Misty is a first year law student at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. With a background in social justice, her areas of interest include juvenile justice, re-entry from incarceration, and the roles of implicit bias, gender, race, and socioeconomic status in the justice system. After graduating in 2021, Misty intends to work in service of those marginalized by the law and advocate for more equity in the justice system, in either direct services or policy.

Nana A. Otutua-Amoah
Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2018

Ryesha Patterson
Southern Illinois University School of Law, Class of 2020
Associated with Fidelity Lodge #103 – Prince Hall
After law school, I plan to work in the public interest sector. I have a passion for helping people and I feel that a career as a prosecutor will allow me to do so. I am eager to work within the criminal system as an advocate for victims as well as society. I lost a friend of mine a few years ago which has sculpted my desire to work in criminal prosecution. Although her passing caused great pain there was a feeling of comfort knowing that the state’s attorney’s office was actively seeking justice on her behalf. I hope that one day my work as a prosecutor will give comfort to a grieving family. 

Brandi Pikes
Washington University School of Law, Class of 2018

David Raban
University of Chicago Law School, Class of 2020
Upon graduation with his JD/MPP, David Raban plans to serve the public. This will be a continuation of his work in and prior to law school, which includes an apprenticeship with NPR, a fellowship in his local public defender's office, and a volunteer clerkship with the Los Angeles City Attorney. While he does not yet know what role(s) he will play, he is determined to always remember the privileges he has been given and his duty to help others.

David Rabbitt
Saint Louis University School of Law, Class of 2021
Member of Spirit of St. Louis Lodge #27
Upon graduating from law school, David Rabbitt has an expressed interest in pursuing a career with the Air Force JAG Corp or another federal government agency. With a criminal justice background and local law enforcement experience, he desires to serve his country and community through military service or working for a government entity. He also aspires to serve in politics on either the local, state or federal level of government later in life. He wishes to ensure individual rights are maintained and upheld by local, state and the federal government while protecting the interest of the whole. 

Tashiana Stafford
The Law School at Notre Dame, Class of 2019
Eureka Lodge #64; Chicago, Ill.
Tashiana Stafford is a student at the University of Notre Dame Law. After attending the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s Airlie Conference in Warrenton, Virginia, she is now focusing her attention on public policy and social justice. She is interested in working with the Department of Justice on reforming racially charged police practices. This year, she was elected a 1L Representative for the Black Law Students Association at the University of Notre Dame Law School. In the future, Ms. Stafford hopes to do public interest work that will positively influence the social stature of minorities in America.

Emily Walters
Saint Louis University School of Law, Class of 2020
Brotherhood Lodge no. 269 A.F & A.M.